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Good notes

A colleague recently told me about the passing away of a couple of scientist.  Prior to this Jim Williams and Bob Pease were just authors of exemplary application notes. I must admit I always read a few of their application notes to inspire me before I embark on writting my own. I now realise there’s a lot more to learn from these guys. I also feel less inclined to tidy my desk having seen this article in the EETimes. More about Williams can be found on the Linear Technology website.

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Digitally illiterate?

I’m very pleased that this issue is being recognised…

A couple of interesting resources below. I’m posting these as a reminder to myself.

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Should I ever run out of things to read

A few books on the subject of signal and power integrity…

“Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified”, Second Edition by Bogatin. ISBN: 0132349795

“Signal Integrity Issues and Printed Circuit Board Design” by Brooks. ISBN: 013141884X

“Digital Communications Test and Measurement” by Derickson & Müller. ISBN: 0132209101

“Timing Analysis and Simulation for Signal Integrity Engineers” by Edlund. ISBN: 0132365049

“Handbook of Digital Techniques for High-Speed Design” by Granberg. ISBN: 013142291X “High Speed Digital Design” by Johnson. ISBN: 0133957241

“High Speed Signal Propagation” by Johnson. ISBN: 013084408X

“A Signal Integrity Engineer’s Companion” by Lawday, Ireland, & Edlund. ISBN: 0131860062

“Jitter, Noise, and Signal Integrity at High-Speed” by Li. ISBN: 0132429616

“Power Integrity Analysis and Mangement for Integrated Circuits” by Nair & Bennett. ISBN: 0137011229

“Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces” by Pandit, Ryu, & Choi. ISBN: 0137011199

“Power Integrity Modeling and Design for Semiconductors and Systems” by Swaminathan & Ege. ISBN: 0136152066

“Digital Signal Integrity” by Young. ISBN: 0130289043

“High-Speed Digital System Design A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design practices” by S.H. Hall, G. W. Hall and J. A. McCall.

“Advanced Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Designs” by S. H. Hall, and H. L. Heck,

“Computer Circuits Electrical Design” by Ron K. Poon

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Bird house

This was my Saturday morning project – a bird house in a mock tudor style made from some scraps of wood.Bird house

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and now with the wheels on…

…motor connected via a chain and sprocket.  The motor was salvaged from an old Stannar stair lift.  Still need to design the control circuit to drive the motor, so for now it runs from a battery charger.  Also the steering mechanism isn’t finished yet.  But that’s not stopped Jessica from wanting to test drive it, albeit with no steering wheel.

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after a few days in the shed…

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…then you need a shed and a pile of junk…

The shed

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What to do at the weekends

Firstly the CAD model…3D CAD model



Then the detail…

Detailed drawing

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The Extension. The dream becomes a CAD model


This is the first post regarding our planned extension.  Hopefully I will find the time to update this page as the work progresses. 

The image shows the CAD model of the proposed extension.  I’m pleased to say this is very representative of what was in my mind.  We can now look forward to many months of hard work to realise the dream.

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Highly efficient artificial “trees”

An interesting white paper by David Keith regarding carbon capture can be found here.

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